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Composting Basics

From start to finish, it's not as difficult as you thought!

Five-part article series on flower-drying starts here 

Eight-part article series on vegetable gardening starts here

Asian Lily Beetles 

A new scourge in New England ornamental and veggie gardens.

Japanese Beetles 

They can be controlled...but not the way you think.

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Chrysanthemums...Getting "hardy" ones through a hard winter 

All about Hostas | Dealing with Slugs | Japanese Beetles | Asian Lily Beetles 
Storing Seeds
| Cats & Dogs in the Garden | An Effective Deer Fence 
Lies & Misinformation in the Gardening World | The Language of Flowers 

A Very Special Daylily White...but without the yellow tint 

Yes!  You CAN Hybridize Daylilies

Hate Deerflies? Check out this very satisfying photo

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